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Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike Review

With a classic look and large front wheel the Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike is eye catching to say the least. When you purchase this indoor exercise bike you can get a dual workout on both your upper body and lower body thanks to the movable arms.

During your workout you can view all of your data and stats on the easy to read console in the center. Additionally this console also is where you can adjust the resistance levels and more! Unlike the other Schwinn bikes this particular Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike has a larger front wheel that is incased in metal rather than completely enclosed. This allows air to be blown on you during your workout so you stay cool as you exercise.

Don’t let poor weather conditions, arthritis, and other obstacles stand in the way of getting fit – buying a Schwinn is the perfect solution and for those of you looking for incredible durability and design then the Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike is exactly what you need!

Product Features

  1. Schwinn design
  2. Upright bike with comfortable seat
  3. Dual action arm handles
  4. Console for time, distance, calories, and more

Product Details

  1. A best selling exercise bike on

Final Analysis

If you are stuck choosing between various Schwinn models then you know you need to compare the different features. The Schwinn Airdyne AD4 Upright Exercise Bike stands out even amongst other Schwinn models due to its appearance and overall function.

Yes, it’s not as attractive looking as the other models; however those of you looking for a serious workout probably don’t care about this as much. The moveable arms allow you to get a great upper body workout and the open cased wheel does a fantastic job of keeping you cool – something that the other Schwinn models don’t since the fans on them rarely work properly.

Overall a great bike for those of you who want to really feel the burn! Highly recommended!

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