ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer

The ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is a top of the line cycle training machine. This particular model is not only compact and efficient, but it is appealing to the eyes and is not specifically tailored to any sex but it is equally appealing to both.

The overall design if this bike is minimal – a slim black frame with a sleek red wheel lined in chrome. The seat continues with the red theme and is comfortable and stylish with multiple adjustments on it. Completing the overall look of this compact and powerful cycle training bike is the handles. They are ergonomically designed so that they not only are incredibly comfortable but they also work to cut down on fatigue as well.

When using the machine you’ll be astounded by its other features including the water bottle holder, various resistance levels, smooth operation, and even the handy toe cages that prevent your feet from slipping.

Product Features

  1. Adjustable seat with comfortable padding
  2. Toe cage on the pedals
  3. Wheels for easy portability
  4. Convenient water bottle holder

Product Details

  1. A best selling exercise bike on

Final Analysis

The ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is a fairly expensive indoor exercise bike however it is not easy to find this beast on sale for around half the price. When you do get the bike home you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to set up and move around and when you’re done moving the wheels on the front simply flip upwards!

The overall look of this model is fantastic and it runs just as smooth. There are a lot of positive features for this bike however it is important to know some of the negatives before you purchase.

One small issue is that the water bottle is rather cheap so be careful when aggressively exercising. Additionally it is operated by a chain so if there is even the smallest issue with the chain you will definitely hear it – and it won’t be quiet when you do. Overall the bike is affordable when on sale and runs perfectly! Definitely a great buy!

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1 Comment on "ProForm 290 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Review"

  1. This is by far one of the best spinner bikes out there. In comparison to a more commercial model, the Star Trac, one of the only main differences is the weight capacity and the fact that you have to turn the resistance knob on the ProForm 290 SPX very little in order to get the desired resistance setting.

    The weight capacity difference is that the Star Trac, which costs a lot more money to own, supports 350 lbs. The ProForm 290 SPX only supports a maximum of 250 lbs, but this bike provides a little bit of room for error. It will hold more than 250 lbs.

    Another major difference between the Star Trac Pro and the ProForm 290 SPX is the price! Wow what a difference! This bike only cost me $269.99 with free shipping while the Star Trac Pro costs nearly $1000. Talk about a price break! And for the quality of bike you get with the ProForm 290 SPX Cycle Trainer, it’s well worth the small price tag. I’ve never been happier with a spinner bike and I would buy this bike again in a heartbeat.

    Michael, Sunnyvale, California

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