Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn 120 2012 Model Upright Exercise Bike

Schwinn bikes are the pinnacle of quality and durability amongst indoor exercise bikes and for good reason: they last long and work great. When out in the market for a new exercise bike then purchasing a Schwinn is a no brainer – however buying the Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike is an even smarter decision.

Unlike the recumbent Schwinn bikes this upright bike makes it a bit more natural for your riding process with handlebars upwards so you can grip firmly and get in a solid workout. The model also has the attractive Schwinn appearance that is common amongst the other Schwinn bikes: a nice silver with splashes of red to offset it.

With a variety of features such as easy seat adjustment, customizable programs and resistance levels, heart monitoring, and more, buying this Schwinn will be a fantastic investment and will answer all of your indoor cycling needs for years to come.

Product Features

  1. Schwinn quality and design
  2. Large pedals with straps
  3. Transport wheels
  4. Music jack, speakers, and a fan
  5. 7 preset programs and 16 resistance levels

Product Details

  1. A best selling exercise bike on

Final Analysis

Overall the Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike 2012 Model is a great bike for an even better price. It has tons of features and a diverse set of preprogramed workouts so that you don’t really even need to set your own (however you can should you need to).

Setup is easy and the seat is comfortable as well. During use it is quiet and you can easily exercise at any time of the day without disturbing others.

The only real issue with this bike is the fact that the letters and numbers on the LCD screen are written in very thin font making it difficult to read. If you are in the middle of an intense workout squinting and having to slow down to read the numbers can be somewhat annoying.

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1 Comment on "Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike Review"

  1. This is the most anatomically correct exercise bike that I’ve had the pleasure of owning. At least so far. The only thing that other people have said they don’t like about this bike is the LCD screen, but I beg to differ. I really like it! It’s easy to read and see so I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    I like the seat and it’s comfortable enough for long rides. I did a lot of research on this bike and found that most people rated it 4 stars. I too agree, that this is a bike that’s well worth the purchase. As far as traditional upright bikes go, this is one of Schwinns best. It has 16 levels of resistance, which is really good for anyone that likes to train really hard. I could only get to a personal best of level 8 as far as resistance goes. I like this bike and would recommend it for others.

    Jim, Orange, California

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